Dagobert Boehm was born in Mannheim, Germany in 1959, a city known for its tremendous wealth of musical tradition. He attended the Waldorf schools in Freiburg and Schloss Hamborn, Germany, studying music and the ancient acoustical art of violin making. His interest in the classical music of east India was the reason for making his own sitar. At the age of 16 he began to perform his affective guitar style, in local clubs and folk festivals.

Boehm’s first LP, "Sound of Wood" released in 1982, earned extravagant praise from the critics. "Acoustic Moods" (Delta/Jazzline) released in ’87 found an exited audience. From Japan up to USA and Canada, critics agree in the quality of his music.

His CD "Morning Flight" was elected as one of the best instrumental productions of the year 1993 in Spain. In this year "Acoustic Moods" was re-released on Delta’s Laserlight label.

The constant work with his Hungarian/German WorldJazz project Acoustic Unit, with the top players Tony Lakatos, soprano sax and Kornel Horvath, percussion led to the CD release "Acoustic Unit" in 1998.

Between september 1995 until november 2002 he was working in Hannover, Schloss Hamborn, Frankfurt, Bonn, Leverkusen, Budapest, Rome and Bornholm on the CD project dago - sounds for a blue planet together with Steven Toeteberg, Zoltán Lantos, Tony Lakatos, Kornél Horváth; Béla Lattmann, Markus Reuter, Tokunbo Akinro, Maria Hiorth Peterson, Soluna Samay, angua crash and others.

In 1999 he founded his own record label Ozella Music with the release of his guitar solo album "Circle Around" (OZ001CD) and he was touring with his new trio String Unit.

In the year 2000 the CD "String Unit" (OZ003CD) was released with Zoltán Lantos (5-string violin) and Markus Reuter (touch guitar, ambient guitar loops). The next year he produced music for the Bavarian TV and was touring again with Acoustic Unit.

2002 he released the smoothjazz-world-pop-ambient-chillout CD "sounds for a blue planet" (ozella 004 CD) under the artist name dago, which is actually his nick-name. On this album Dago is joined by Steven Toeteberg and Tony Lakatos and on five songs he is featuring the voices of Tokunko Akinro, Maria Hiort Petersen, angua crash and Soluna Samay. You can hear Dago on electric and acoustic guitars and for the first time on record he is playing his homegrown sitar.

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