"The audience was fascinated from the beginning to the end. The musicians were perfectly in tune with each other, many passages lost their strictly composed character and got an intuitive and spontaneous touch." Neue Westfälische, Germany May 12. 1999

"Eyes closed, head taken back as if in a dream Horvath lets his musician’s soul dance with the instruments. Fascinating above all is the battle of ideas in the playing of Böhm, Horvath, the reserved bass player Bela Lattmann and star-guest Zoltan Lantos. His experiments on the five-string violin made the sound of illusion perfect. The music Dagobert Böhm played with Accoustic Unit was certainly not simple. But by choosing the road between very quiet tones and funk-elements, the jazzy thrill of the melodies and the accents of variations Acoustic Unit have won new fans in Waldkraiburg." Attenhauser Waldkraiburger Nachrichten, Germany April 13. 2000

"Kornel Horvath from Budapest is an exceptional event, unbelievable which quiet or loud, tender or strong notes he creates, often the movements of his hands are so fast that the eye can’t follow. In ”Ode to a rainforest tree” the instruments saxophone, violin, guitar, bass and drums actually spoke with each other. The audience was taken right into the middle of a rain-forest." Haller Tageblatt, Germany May 11. 1999

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