"Bohm is among a select few imaginative acoustic guitarists in jazz. Bohm's work consistantly is relaxed, picturesque filled with dreamy images. A high degree of dexterity is evident; he effortlessly interpolates a bell-like popping of the strings with intricate chord changes." Merrill C. Lehrer USA Today

"The Guitar work is some of the most artistic picking that I have heard in a long time. The phrasing is very animate and he has a great ear for nuance and dynamics." Kettlewell, WOMR -FM, Airwaves Magazine

"This music stands on its own." Frank Forest, Musical Starstreams

"…melodic pieces, inspired by the intensive experience with nature " Fachblatt Musikmagazin, Germany

"The connection to nature, to the origins, is expressed in a fine-tuned mood filled with emotion." das Heft, Germany

"A sensitive musician who extends the spectrum of guitar playing by adding fascinating tonal colours." Neue Westfälische, Germany

"You could say that when he plays, he sets pictures of our times to music, pictures in which there is still enough room for feelings, dreams and hopes." Musikblatt, Germany

"His music is a study in understatement , filled with strong melodies, rich colourful harmonies, highlighted by delicate acoustic guitar picking." Ben Kettlewell "i/e mag"

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