"Three Musicians, one sound and a lot of strings". Better than the press information you can’t bring this excellent project to the point. Dagobert Böhm, Touch-guitar player Markus Reuter and the hungarian violin player Zoltán Lantos are captivating the audience with a breath catching mix made out of exotic sounds and melodies with sometimes melancholy sweetness.
Rainer Guérich, inMusic 10/00

"Böhms compositions carry you away into an exotic world of sounds, tones and rhythms, all unique, from melancholy sweet up to wild and forcing vitality with high spirits.
The artistic violin-playing of the Hungarian Lantos, again and again leads to a thrilling dialog, it mixes far eastern and yearning elements as well as pulsating temperament into a music that first sounds a bit alien, but then it touches you very deep inside.
In the small Quarée of Vis à Vis, the three musicians sparkled for more than two hours in their intimate dialog." Ann-Britta Dohle, Neue Westfälische, Germany

"Böhm manages it, that really exceptional, sounds and structures, never heard before, feel like old friends, you really want to meet. The Music of these three string players is sensual and vital and shows between melancholy and expressive powerplay the whole bandwith of possibilities." Andreas Schulz, Akustik Gitarre, Germany January 2001

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