Three musicians, one Sound and a lot of strings.

That’s the music you always wanted to listen to, but never knew it existed.

Current CD String Unit (OZ003CD)

Markus Reuter plays the touch guitar, an 8-string instrument with the sound spectrum of Keyboard, bass and guitar. He is a member of the band “Europa String Choir“ and a solo artist in the electronic music scene. Different solo releases, and CDs with the Europa String Choir, Ian Boddy and Centrozoon.

Dagobert Böhm plays acoustic guitar in open tunings, with soft and flowing patterns and pearling grooves. His CD Morning Flight was elected as one of the best instrumental productions of the year 1993 in Spain. The CD from 1998 with his group Acoustic Unit is a world jazz titbit with some Top players from Europe, as Kornel Horvath and Tony Lakatos. Solo CD Circle Around (OZ001CD).

Zoltán Lantos plays 5-string violin. He combines Indian sounds with Jazz, Balkan with experimental, unbelievable new sounds. He lived in India for 8 years and studied classical Indian music. He worked with musicians like Charlie Mariano, Renaud Garcia-Fons and Màrta Sebestyèn (on her album Kismet). Solo CD Mirrorworld

String Unit CD & Soundsamples

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